Heater and backup fan functions

Heater and fan control is now added to the board. The fan starts at set temp and continues until a lower set temp i reached (30 minutes minimum).

The heater works in a similar fashion but it has two set temps depending on if light is detected or not. This gives us an optimal temp for night and one for day.

There are also four extra relays that can be used manually for whatever you want. One of those is shared with the heater.


Another neat feature is that the display can now turn itself off when dark is detected. This way it will not disturb any sleeping plants.


This is the “soil kit” without water sensors or ph-probes and so on.


Comment in Waterchippy

There are a lot of new features in Waterchippy. Most important is the comment function that lets you add a timestamped comment to your logfile.

There is now also an event list (on the right) that will tell you the last ten event that has taken place. The same events will also show on the option LCD.

Other than that we now have a second test site. However there seems to be some problems with the memory card functions. Probably due to the use of crap no name cards.

There are also some problems with the ethernet connection when the room temp exceeds 28 degrees celcius. Maybe it’s a good idea to keep the box somewhere cool or add a fan.



Fish known as Waterchippy

The Fish program is from here on to be known as “Waterchippy”. This is mainly due to the fact that the application no longer features a fish theme. Instead it will camouflage itself as a fake flying toasters screensaver. It even blocks alt-tabbing and windows/alt keys.

Fish, sorry: Waterchippy, is now showing the same graphs as the web based interface.




Yellow line: Light
Red line: Temperature
Blue line: Water level
Light blue line (not visible in pictures): Humidity
Green line: Ph

Fish 1.0

Most functions seems to be working now. There is now also some support for the farenheit scale. Today I also added a smoke sensor, mostly out of boredom. I figure it might be nice for a grower to know that the garden is not on fire, for the moment.

Work has also started on the “Fish” program. The program (Windows only) will monitor/control the Waterchip and alert whenever there are any problems.