Fish 1.0

Most functions seems to be working now. There is now also some support for the farenheit scale. Today I also added a smoke sensor, mostly out of boredom. I figure it might be nice for a grower to know that the garden is not on fire, for the moment.

Work has also started on the “Fish” program. The program (Windows only) will monitor/control the Waterchip and alert whenever there are any problems.




Faulty relay causes problems

The Waterchip has now been running without a reset for 48 hours! As it turns out it was a faulty channel on a relay board that caused the problem. The kickback simply caused a power ripple that reset the device.

The last “24 hour” ph report:

Ph_1 Ph_2

Waterchip 1.0

Waterchip 1.0 is a one man project aimed to automation of hydroponics systems. using the Arduino MEGA platform. When finished the system will:

  1. Read temperature and humidity
  2. Read and adjust ph up and down
  3. Read water (float switch and sonar) and add water to a reservoir when needed
  4. Detect light on/off (in case of faulty timers)
  5. Log ph, temperature and humidity to micro sd-card
  6. Serve a web page with control functions, last 24 hrs graphs and so on
  7. Support export to a real time full screen control program
  8. Show data on an optional lcd-screen